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Training Management System
Current Version: 1.1.5

TMS is a client-server application that operates around the management of classrooms, schedules and tutors. It covers the wide range of work from the front-end customer service officers to the back-office work of the accounting personnel. The application has been built on the actual necessity of one-large educational institution in Jakarta, thus, assuring that the application is highly compatible to the needs of many other educational courses.

Technical Spesifications
Client platform: Windows 98 or higher
Server Platform: Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Database: SQL Server 7.0/2000

Functional Features
  • Classroom Management
  • Complete preference settings
  • Multi-level users
  • Inter-level cross-checking procedure verifications *)
  • Cancelation Formula
  • Notification system
  • Complete set of reports for related user levels
  • Web-based reports and synchronization function
  • Bonus: Simple P.O.S (Point Of Sales)
  • Many more.

    *) This feature provides a method of close monitoring to every action each level proceeds with.By inter-level it denotes that an action performed by one level is only valid after known and validated by user in a different level.