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Welcome to my portfolio site.

This site covers some of the work I have done during the long span of time. The "Graphics Set" collection represents the period when I first started out as a graphic designer in 1994. The Second set of graphics followed my expriments with collages and the power of Photoshop while "Free Your Mind" is a collection when I tried to break myself away from the mundanity. The "Exclusive Series" put me back into the creation of high-profile images. (For all of these images, I express my most sincere thanks to the company who gave, without doubt, all the opportunities).

In 1999 I started to switch into the world of programming. As the internet started to go through the "booming" period. The web creation accomodates my passions for graphics and codes.
The Programming sections cover some of the projects I have been involved in, while the "Hand-drawings" showcases what I did best in the past, long before computer and mouse took over the ink and paper.
Finally, please browse through my collection. I know this has yet to be the best collection, but I know I have done it with all my heart...
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